Dohmen Capital - Wellington Letter

The award-winning Wellington Letter, now in its 41st year, is our flagship, top-rated, award-winning newsletter targeted toward serious investors and business executives. Since 1977, it has provided readers with the most accurate technical and fundamental analysis and forecasts of the global economies and investment markets found anywhere. It has called every important market plunge over the past 40 years, often catching major turns within a day or two of the turn. Our readers have prospered in bull and bear markets alike. Using sophisticated technical chart analysis, and analysis of the monetary policies and credit market conditions, have allowed this service to be one of the most prescient in the business. This newsletter is issued on average 1-3 times per month.

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Dohmen Capital - Smarte Trader

The Smarte Trader is considered the premier short-term trading newsletter by many serious traders and professionals. For over 20 years serious traders and professionals have used it to guide them in catching short term moves in the stock market. In each issue we provide you with an analysis and evaluation of the day’s market action, much of it based on advanced technical analysis, our insights on the most important events affecting the markets, and our forecasts of the ultimate impact on various market sectors. We also discuss our ideas of stocks to either buy or to sell short while providing valuable market timing. Of course, the ultimate decision of what to do is always that of the reader. This newsletter is issued on average 3-5 times per week.

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Dohmen Capital - Fearless ETF Trader

The Fearless ETF Trader is considered the ideal trading newsletter for active traders who prefer lower volatility offered by ETFs and may not have the time to keep up with a number of individual stocks. You will gain access to a professional with a superb track record, Bert Dohmen, spearheading the in-depth research each day. We discuss our top ETF ideas and provide you with our astute market timing. At time we also discuss implementing inverse ETF ideas when appropriate, which are terrific vehicles for prospering from a market decline or crash. You can choose to either follow the research and suggestions, or fine tune it to you meet your own goals. This newsletter is issued on average 3-5 times per week.

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Dohmen HedgeFolios

Offered by our affiliate firm, Dohmen Strategies, LLC, the exciting new HedgeFolios service allows you, the investor, to manage your own portfolio according to the model HedgeFolios established by global market authority, Bert Dohmenn.

You can sync your own portfolio with our model HedgeFolios in a matter of seconds with just one simple mouse click. You have no hassle, no worries, but enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have our professional guidance. During times of great market vulnerability, HedgeFolios can potentially help you safeguard your own portfolio and prosper as markets plunge. For more information, please visit https://hedgefolios.com

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